Foxhole Guy: NBA Player Brandon Goodwin Throws A Punch (Misses Terribly) At A Former Nuggets Teammate During A Pro-Am

Oh hell yeah, this is the good stuff. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a Summer Pro-Am apparently. I mean we have the Dejounte Murray/Paolo rivalry: 

And now we have current Cav/former Nugget Brandon Goodwin throwing a haymaker and missing terribly on Bones Hyland. Give me that guy on my team. Sure he may not do a lot on the court, he's on a two-way contract, but the fact he's willing to throw a punch during Pro-Am? That's the sort of crazy I want. That's the sort of competitor a team needs. 

That said, you can't miss that bad and then duck. I'm pretty sure the ref caught the punch meant for Bones and then Goodwin freaks out and ducks a little bit. Come on man. If you square up, you square up. 

A+ tweet. Nothing like summer hoops.