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Cruise News: Tom Is Making a Les Grossman Movie, A Musical And A Movie Shot In Outer Space

As Top Gun: Maverick passed $1.3 billion to climb to 13th place on the all time worldwide gross list, star Tom Cruise and producer Christopher McQuarrie are in the early stages of setting up three very different projects. They are still in the thick of Mission: Impossible 8 — Cruise was recently photographed in the UK’s Lake District practicing what appears to be his next death defying stunt, something called ‘speed flying’ — sources said that Cruise and McQuarrie are hatching three new film projects. One is an original song and dance-style musical they’ll craft as a star vehicle for Cruise. They are also setting up another original action film with franchise potential, and they are also fixated on Les Grossman. The latter is the gruff, dance-happy studio executive Cruise played in cameo for Tropic Thunder. It’s unclear if they will create a whole movie around Grossman, or borrow him for inclusion in either of the other vehicles.

Also looming large is the untitled film that Cruise intends to make with director Doug Liman and McQuarrie producing. You know, the one they’ll shoot in outer space, with NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Since Deadline broke the story about this plan, Universal signed on to be the studio

While we were already aware of the space movie, the other two items are insane. Tom Cruise, at 60 years old, is going to help create and star in a dance-style musical? About what??? I NEED to know what subject has Cruise amped up for song and dance. Also, is this going to be a traditional song-and-dance or something that will require death defying stunts designed by his partner in this endevor/director of 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout', Christopher McQuarrie. 

The other item is even crazier. If you have never seen 'Tropic Thunder', you deprived yourself of arguably the greatest cameo role ever performed...

He absolutely crushed that role, but part of what made it so great was it's shortened nature. How would they change the character to give it not just a little more longevity, but an entire ass movie? I don't know the answer to that which almost makes me not want to see it. HOWEVER, Cruise doesn't fuck up with stuff like that. He doesn't branch in to comedy almost ever, so I assume they have a real plan in place that he believes in.