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The Instagram Model Who Went Viral For Being Caught Trying To Smuggle A Bag Of Cocaine Into A Concert In Her Vagina Wants To Tell Her Side Of The Story

NY Post - A 24-year-old model has thanked her legal team after she avoided a criminal conviction for attempting to carry a condom filled with 5.6g of cocaine into a Sydney concert.

Student and Only Fans creator Grace Athanatos was caught by drug-detection dogs at a DJ MaRLo concert at Sydney Olympic Park on May 14.

Police found a knotted condom inside the Melbourne woman’s vagina via a private room strip search. She was then charged with supplying drugs (less than a commercial quantity).

While her Instagram is normally filled with glamorous outfit shots and photos of her dining out at high-end restaurants, Athanatos had a slight change of tone this week, when she thanked her legal team for her result in court.

“HUGE shout out to my savior @ahmeddob and his team at @dibassociateslawyers for helping me today,” she shared to her 9000-plus followers.

“Honestly such an amazing result and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Highly recommend seeing them if you’re ever naughty or find yourself in trouble like me.”

Speaking to Daily Mail, the burgeoning influencer insisted she was a “nice girl” and “never intended to supply” the drug. She said she had planned to share her stash among her girlfriends and had only taken a single ‘bump’ of cocaine prior to the bust.

“It was really scary!” she told the publication.  “Obviously I wanted to have a little fun, I had a small amount and yes I tried to hide it – like everyone else – but I was caught.”

Under New South Wales law, the maximum penalty for the offense is two years imprisonment and/ or an $11,000 fine if dealt in at a Local Court. If the offense proceeds to the district court, it carries a maximum sentence of 15 years and/ or a $220,000 fine.

Speaking about her brush with the law, Athanatos said the case had been “blown up,” but the judge was on her side.

So this was a semi-big story last week on the interwebs for those with their minds in the gutter. 

Upon seeing the headline I thought to myself, "yah no shit. That happens all the time. Why is this a story?". Then I saw Grace's picture and understood. 

First off, to the agent whose dog sniffed this coke filled condom on/in Grace out. How the fuck are you training your animal man? 

(Sidebar - what a good boy though.)

Secondly, narc.

Thirdly, the fine and publicity seemed really excessive and one-sided so I did what big J journalists like myself do and reached out to the accused for comment. You gotta give people a chance to defend themself. That's what they teach in school.

(be more of a fucking square Keaton. You can't)

There you have it. 

I demand justice for Grace, and full redactions from the NY Post and Daily Mail for slandering her good name. 

p.s.- all-time Curb episode

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