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The Padres Are Frauds

David Zalubowski. Shutterstock Images.

The Padres lost last night to The Giants and they got their balls beat in by The Dodgers over the weekend and split 2 games with the Rockies in the two games after the Soto and Bell trade. Not necessarily lighting the world on fire. I got on my hot take horse and have declared a few times that The Padres with this lineup, and even more so when Tatis comes back MUST have some postseason success if they want to be considered legit. That doubles down even more if the watch the Dodgers continue to own them. 

Sometimes the window closes before you ever really get to experience the view, and I'm not necessarily declaring it closed but just something to keep an eye on here that The big bad Padres may be a paper tiger so to speak. 

We dive into The Padres, The Mets being on fire, divisional odds updates, and Best Bets and Dogs Of The Day on today's episode of Hot Ice : 

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