Today At Giants Camp: We Have Players Brawling And Coaches Shoving Players!


Oh goddammit, we have this tomfoolery back at camp? LAPS FOR EVERYONE, RIGHT COACH?!?

Eric Canha. Shutterstock Images.

Oh wait, we aren't doing that anymore (thank God).

Anyway, a bunch of grown men fighting each other after battling for their jobs in the heat for weeks isn't going to bother me, during Grit Week no less, Bobby Johnson showing better blocking technique as an offensive line coach in a fight than Nate Solder did during all his years ski masking money from the G-Men. In fact, I would be significantly more concerned if they WEREN'T fighting, which was the signature look of the 2016 Giants before Ben McAdoo was fired. 

I still can't believe that asshole ruined a perfect thing by changing his hair

If there is a brawl, I want to see everyone cashing a check from Big Blue involved and helping their guys. Players, coaches, hell even throw John Mara into the scrum since he should be angrier about the state of this franchise than anybody else.


That being said, if anybody gets hurt in a fight, the person that hurt him is getting his ass cut. Unless he's one of the like 7 players that are above a 75 in Madden. This season is going to be tough enough as is due to the nightmarish cap situation The GM That Shall Not Be Mentioned left Handsome Joe Schoen with. I'm including killing someone as the same as injuring them, which appeared to happen based on this picture. 

Killing a teammate is no bueno since I'm pretty sure that player would remain on the Giants payroll as the textbook definition of taking up dead cap space. Yes, that was your Dad Joke of the Day.

But other than that, I'm fine with the boys continuing to fight, especially since this story took some heat off of the throw from Daniel Jones that has Giants Twitter going back into Sadboy Season once again (you will have to click the link to watch the video since I'm riding the Danwagon until the end of the line and refuse to embed it here #PositiveVibesOnly).