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Texas Is BACK!* (*Received One First Place Vote in the Coaches Poll)

If you needed any sort of reminder that college football is right around the corner but hasn't actually been played yet, the Texas hype is back in a big way — at least from one FBS coach.

The preseason USA Today Coaches Poll is out and that's right, your Texas Longhorns received a first place vote! Fresh off a 5-7 campaign and a seventh place finish in the Big 12, one coach out there has Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia looking up at the Horns.

The craziest part is it couldn't have even been Steve Sarkisian. He isn't a voter this year, so whoever concoted this nonsense ballot is one of these guys:

Honestly, my money is on Nick Saban. This is some dumbass shit he'd do so he could show his team the ballot he turned in and say, "I believe we're going on the road to play the best team in the country in Week 2. They're better than you guys right now. So you better be ready to go." If he can say with a straight face that 2021 was a rebuilding year for Alabama, he'd absolutely do something like this.

Regardless of who put the Longhorns No. 1, it just feels good to be back. There's no better indicator that college football is coming than the annual circlejerk of the University of Texas.