Veterinarian Goes Viral On TikTok For Dropping Her Top 5 Dog Breeds She WOULDN'T Own

Okay so let's break down her top 5. As a dog guy with the most handsome dog on Earth, Ace, nobody's words hold more weight than mine in this realm. Especially not some vet, but that's all good. 

5. Chinese Crested:

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Yeah she nailed this one. Look, I'm sure Chinese Crested are nice dogs and all that. But like… holy shit they're ugly. I know ugly dogs need lovin' too, but Jesus Christ these things are hideous. HIDEOUS. One of the main purposes of having a dog is to score chicks with them, and this dog is gonna make chicks run the other way. That's just a fact. No offense to them - they are just about the ugliest animals on earth

4. Chihuahuas 

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These fucking things are the meanest animals on earth. I've NEVER had a good experience with one. A HS friend of mine had a black one growing up named Pepper and if you got within 10 feet of that thing he would try to rip your face off. Same shit from all the Chihuahuas I run into at the dog park. MEAN ASSHOLES. 

Another excellent pick. 

3. Pugs

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Now, I wouldn't ever get a pug. But I don't dislike pugs at all. Sure, she brings up a good point that these poor dogs can't breath and it's fucked up how they're bred, but in general they're all sweet hearts. I knew a girl who had a blind pug and the pug would walk around the apt. bumping into walls and couches and stuff. It was adorable. I just don't like small dogs.

2. German Shepherds & Belgian Malinoise 

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What a fucking IDIOT this girl is!!!! German Shepherds are the BEST dogs on earth. Smart. Loyal. Protective. They are the complete package. Yes they need a lot of training and they are needy, but that should be the case for every dog. If you can't take the time out of your day to adequately train and exercise your dog, you shouldn't have a dog. That simple. But a well-trained Shepherd is the picture they use next to "man's best friend" when that phrase is googled. Perfect dogs. There's a reason Uncle Chaps, a dog guy through and through, drafted Malinois' in our dog breed snake draft a long while back. 

If I ever make it to suburbia and have a yard and room to run for a dog, a Shepherd will be the next dog I get. I love those animals. So beautiful 

1. Golden Doodle

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You'd think these puffy little puff balls were little angels. NOPE!!! WRONG!!!! I feel like over the last handful of years this breed has become insanely popular and I just don't get it. I take my dog to the dog park 5-6x a week and encounter a ton of golden doodles. In general, these dogs are mean fucking dickheads too. Enough to make for a good #1 on this girl's list? Actually, I think so. Take out the awful German Shepherd pick and she nailed her list.

We all know what the BEST dog breed is though, and that would be the almighty mutt:

p.s. - shout out to Chicago Canine Rescue. They're the great folks who took Ace in and gave him a home until I found him and adopted him. Remember, adopt, don't shop!