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What's The Most 90's Thing You Own?


Friday's edition of My Mom's Basement was one of my favorite episodes we've done in quite a long time! It was actually a sequel to Episode 11 of the podcast, recorded three years ago with KFC and Brendan Clancy, entitled, 'BEING A NERD IN THE 90s'....

We kept the brother dynamic alive with a new cast in the sequel, and by that I mean: this time around, it's me, Clem, and my older brother Mike discussing the topic.

Obviously, I only spent 2 years in the 90s as a kid born in '98, but I've always been fascinated with the music/movies/television/pop culture of that decade, so I basically asked Clem and my older brother about what it was like to grow up in the midst of it for 90 minutes, and we had a blast doing it. 

We talked Sega, pogs, JNCOs, arcades, renting WWF VHS tapes, staying up for SNICK and TGIF, and tons of other nostaglic shit, plus - discussed the question in my headline: What's The Most 90's Thing You Own?

For Clem, it was either the first ever John Madden football cartridge (enshrined in a shadow box) or his complete set of Simpsons pogs. My older brother Mike said it was either his AOL email address (that is still his primary email address) or his CD copy of 'NOW! That's What I Call Music 1'.

What is it for you? What is the most 90's thing you own?