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Marshawn Lynch Was Driving On The Curb With A Missing Tire When He Was Arrested for DUI

PFT- Marshawn Lynch, a former NFL running back and recent addition to the Seahawks organization in the role of “special correspondent,” was arrested for DUI on Tuesday. His car was in worse condition than he was.

Lynch reportedly left a “trail of damage” before his car came to rest, with marks left on the road and a curb. In addition to the DUI, Lynch faces charges of failure/refusing to surrender proof of security, driving an unregistered vehicle, and failure to drive in a travel lane.

What the fuck Beast Mode? I saw the report of the arrest for a DUI, which unfortunately has not been all that uncommon for Las Vegas Raiders of the past and the present now that the silver & black now reside in Sin City, along with the mugshot that is absolutely absurd no matter what time of morning it was taken.


But driving like you are taking the Cal cart for a joyride in the middle of Las fucking Vegas is NUTS.

Giphy Images.

At this rate, there shouldn't just be free Ubers for anybody that ever wore a Raiders jersey living inside the Vegas city limits. Those Ubers should be mandatory. Especially if you have a DUI on your record like Marshawn does. I don't understand how anybody that has their chicken right would ever drive a car themselves, let alone after they are boozing. I mean what the fuck are we even doing here?