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The Lifeless Yankees Slump To A Season High 5 Game Losing Streak As Things Get Ugly in St. Louis

Joe Puetz. Getty Images.

Yeah that's the lowest point in the season no question folks. After two lackluster months of baseball the Yankees have now dropped five straight to really put the cherry on top of a cake full of puke. 

The Yankees managed to lose each game this weekend in a unique fucked up way. Friday Clay Holmes blew it in the 8th as he continued to unravel. Saturday the offense was shutout in a game that former Yankee Jordan Montgomery started. Fun! Sunday neither newly acquired Frankie Montas and any reliever after him could not record an out when they had to. The result? A season high five game losing streak. Actually bad. 

Seemingly everyone on the team is flat, which is understandable given how long the season is. They were never going to stay on a 120 win pace, but for two months now this team has been very mediocre. Flat isn't a good enough excuse for 21-23 over their last 44 games. 


Missing Stanton impacts the lineup drastically, that doesn't take rocket science to understand. Missing both Stanton and Rizzo this weekend was brutal. Judge has been left to do literally everything by himself and that's just not possible in baseball, go ask Trout or Ohtani. Outside Carpenter and DJ no one else is doing anything at the plate consistently. For the most part during these 44 games Gleyber, Hicks, and Donaldson have become black holes in the lineup when they've had big opportunities to step up. With Gallo gone he's no longer the scapegoat and those three have been extremely disappointing. The bullpen has also faltered big time with the Michael King injury proving to be detrimental to the backend. Holmes isn't the same, Loaisiga remains a mess post-injury, and Wandy is used practically every game. The new additions to pen in Effross and Trivino will help in the long run, but this team needs Clay back to killer mode ASAP. I refuse to rely on Chapman at the end of games even though we're definitely heading there. 

It's not good folks. It seems to only be a matter of when, not if the Astros pass New York and don't look back in terms of securing the all important one seed in the AL. The division lead is down to 9.5 games and honestly it should be less with how they've played so that's a bit of a miracle. There's almost two full months left in the season and that lead is not safe if they continue this bullshit.

It doesn't help that there are three young weapons being stowed away in the minors for basically no reason at all. Clarke Schmidt, Ron Marincaccio, and Oswald Peraza are in AAA rotting away because Cashman is afraid to DFA a shitty guy like Marwin, Albert Abreu, or Lucas Luetge. It's nonsense. Clarke and Ron consistently up here would help stabilize the pen without a doubt. Because guys like Abreu and Luetge don't have options Cashman is gonna hang onto them. It's a numbers game and it sucks. While IKF hits for a decent average he doesn't field his position anywhere close to what he we need over at short. Oswald Peraza is a stud who would improve that position both offensively and defensively. Are they really just waiting another 10 or so days to call him up because of service time? If that's the case the org should be embarrassed. If they don't think he's a real option people should lose their jobs. 

This team is limping bad right now. They might not even have legs at the moment. There's nothing special about this team anymore and the fire has been zapped. They need a spark more than they need air to breathe. Now they head west for a series in Seattle and oh look there's Luis Castillo starting on Tuesday just to make me wanna die some more. Awesome!