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Royce O'Neale Went Hard In The Paint And Sent His Poor Mom Into Another Galaxy

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First, a moment of silence for Royce O'Neale's mom.




Some might argue that Royce O'Neale is an asshole for doing this to his sweet mother. I'm sorry, everyone should know the rules by now. Don't come in the paint if you don't want the thunder. That's the zone for bully ball. Mama O'Neale wanted that challenge and unfortunately for her, Royce decided to show her no mercy. Do you think Royce O'Neale would be entering his 6th year in the NBA if he didn't go hard in the paint at all times? If you ask me, the Nets could use that type of intensity. Right now they have a guy who refuses to play, a point guard who might be on a different planet, and a franchise player who decided maybe this grind isn't for him and he wants out. Royce O'Neale could be the exact type of breath of fresh air that franchise needs. If he's willing to go that hard at his mom which results in a video like this now living on the internet forever, Nets fans should be excited about who is joining their team.

In terms of the actual play, I mean it was as textbook as it gets. Right away it's clear that Mama O'Neale is in trouble the second you saw how she began to defend his post up. 

You gotta get lower there. Leverage is your friend in these situations. That forearm is way too high for my liking, mostly because it immediately sets you up for something you most certainly do not want to happen

If you've seen it once you've seen it a million times. Everyone knew that the spin was coming. Well, everyone but Mama O'Neale. Royce had the classic setup to that move the second he started backing her down. You can tell by the smile on his face that he knew what he did the second he went into that move. 


This part of the clip made me spit out my coffee that I was actually drinking. It was at this moment where I imagine Mama O'Neale realized she made a grave mistake. I love how Royce stopped what he was going not to make sure she was OK, but so that he could admire his work. That's ruthless. 

Great message here for the campers. You finish your play. Nothing else matters until you put the ball in the hoop. Even if it's your mother, you do nothing until you get those buckets. That's the type of mental toughness you need to make it in the league. You need to stay focused even though insane adversity. I will admit, that girl taking a photo over the corpse of Mama O'Neale is pretty brutal. I mean she really got in there. 

Finally, the stand-over. Talk about rubbing salt on the wound. I'll tell you what though, I bet Mama O'Neale will be ready for the next battle in the paint against her son. He's more of a 3 and D guy anyway, so it's not like he should be too tough to handle in post up situations as long as you use the proper fundamentals. Now shes knows.

This video instantly made me think back to previous examples we've had of children embarrassing their parents on the basketball court. How could we forget Tyrese Maxey last summer


Or that video that went super viral in like 2017 of some kid sending his Grandma to another dimension. 

I dunno why, but those videos always make me chuckle. I have a simple brain, what can I say? 

I think this might be one of the downsides of being a parent in 2022. Back in my day, when I would embarrass Papa Greenie on the hardwood we didn't really have cell phones with cameras or social media. It was like 2005 and you could only have Facebook if you had a ".edu" email or whatever for example. He could pretend it never happened. Now? That shit lives on the internet forever. That's tough.