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You Think It's Tough Being An Angels Fan? Try Being A Fan Of Their Double-A Team That Was Launching Fireworks Into The Crowd

Jeeeeeeeesus. I thought rooting for a team that is completely WASTING the primes of two generational baseball talents was bad. Mike Trout somehow has two more MVP awards than postseason appearances, Shohei Ohtani is doing shit we haven't seen since BABE RUTH, and shit like this seemingly happens on a daily basis.

Cue the Tungsten Arm O'Doyle tweet!

However, I think having your family dodge rockets shot directly at them seems a tad worse than living in Baseball Purgatory. Granted that may be because I am a parent that has gone soft since his children were born. But worrying about your favorite Minor League team sending you to the burn unit seems markedly worse than your favorite Major League team sending you to an early grave, even if the Rocket City Trash Panda's fireworks guy looked like this.

That's just my 2 cents however as someone that used to have a team owned by a dud like Arte Moreno but now has a team owned by Uncle Stevie that has the Mets not only shit pumping the NL East but also not almost burning down their own ballpark anymore. 

What a change an owner makes. Four years ago I'm blogging stuff like that, last night I'm doing a live recap of the Mets sweeping the big bad Braves in a doubleheader that was never really in doubt.