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Molly Meatball's Reaction To The "Chicago Handshake" Was Primo

The circus is in town last night. The Nose came to Chicago and he brought Paddy and Molly with him to Barstool River North for the UFC fights tonight and it was an absolute zoo. 

I left Windy City Smokeout around 9:30 and pulled up to Hubbard and the line was down around the corner down Dearborn. I walked in and it was chaos by the table area with Paddy holding court taking a million pictures with fans. 

I almost shit my pants when I saw Eddie there. Downtown. Not in Edison Park. On a Saturday night. That's how you know Dave still wields a big stick.

Gaz was there and he brought one of my favorite people on the planet, his buddy Lance, and the rest of the Barstool Chicago office rounded out the crew. 

And then there was Molly.

She might be my new favorite person in the game.

Just an absolute delight.

I'm not sure what my expectations were upon meeting her in person, but I think they were violent. 

I expected a brash, aggressive, mean bitch (no offense).

Instead, she was nothing but smiles. You could tell she was the happiest person in the entire place to be just be there and be amongst people who wanted to say hi and tell her they were fans. 

She took a zillion photos as well as a zillion shots. 

But nothing could prepare her for the Chicago handshake one of the sick sons of bitches servers delivered her and Paddy while the cameras were rolling.

That my friends is a picture that will probably make me public enemy number 1 amongst two of the baddest mother fuckers in MMA right now for screen grabbing and posting. But it's also the distinct look of two people tasting the congenial flavor of Malort for the first time.

Nothing can elicit a pure, honest reaction like that quite like the surprising aftertaste of wormwood.

Welcome to Chicagoo Molly and Paddy. Hope to see you guys on a regular basis. If you want the name of the person who sent you those shots, its David Williams. 

p.s. - the time we went to the distillery where the make Malort

p.p.s.- technically, the other 1/2 of a “Chicago Handshake” is a can of Old Style. For blogging purposes I used the term even though the only places nowadays you can get Old Style are Wrigley and alchy bars that have no windows like Rossi’s.