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Gotta Support The Team: Die-Hard Portsmouth Fan Suspended 3 Games For Taunting The Opposing Crowd With His Ass

[Source] - Portsmouth icon 'Pompey John' Westwood has been banned for three matches after mooning and making lewd gestures towards Coventry City fans.

Westwood, whose full name is John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood, admitted receiving the suspension after a 2-0 home pre-season defeat to the Sky Blues last month. The hat-wearing, tattoo-covered super fan was filmed on video rubbing his bum with his fingers in front of the away supporters.

According to The News, Westwood started making rude gestures after being shifted by stewards towards the Milton End due to noise complaints from fellow fans - receiving verbal abuse from the travelling contingent.

"I’m taking all this abuse, so I do some light-hearted banter back by doing a moon. It was done in humour, and my friends who have seen the video thought it was funny. You won’t be able to fart in a ground soon without offend someone."

This appears to be the video in question here: 

That's a good old fashioned ass taunt. I'm not quite sure if he's pretending to finger his own ass? That's one thing that has me baffling. I'm going to guess he's telling the opposing crowd to finger his ass. Either way too much ass talk for my liking. This isn't Billy Gunn. 

What an unbelievable entrance song. That said I did prefer New Age Outlaws. FIRE entrance that somehow gets forgotten about from time to time. 

Back to the move in question, I LOVE - I repeat, I love- his excuse. 

It was done in humour, and my friends who have seen the video thought it was funny.

Uh, my friends thought it was funny! Every single guy has said that line to either 1) their parents and/or 2) their significant other. Probably both. Because if you can make your friends laugh, it's immunity. They thought it was funny! Did you hear Dan over there cackling? Basically think that if you can prove you made your friends laugh with said actions, the court of law should not be able to say guilty. 

I'm honestly shocked that families were a reason he got suspended. Based on some tweets it seems like he's not well-liked by his own fanbase. Not shocking. These 'big' fans are always the worst. But we're talking European soccer. Between the fights, the hooligans, the chants and everything else I never thought I'd see a fan suspended for this. 

PS: The man changed his name to John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood? I'm putting that one away. I'm in the market for a guy's middle name with my 2nd son due any day now. Can't agree on anything. Might just suggest Tottenham Hotspur Reagan. Got a ring to it. You truly (want attention) love a team to make a move like that.