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Futbol Guy: Soccer Player Misses His Own Wedding To Finalize Transfer To New Club, Sends His Brother To Be Stand-In Groom

[Source] - A FOOTBALLER missed his own wedding day in order to finalise a transfer to a new team. Malmo star Mohamed Buya Turay wasn't there on his big day as he was agreeing to a different type of contract instead.

And Malmo were so keen for the 27-year-old to link up with the squad as soon as possible they made him miss his own wedding. Although Turay made sure bride Suad Baydoun wasn't on her own... by sending his BROTHER to take his place instead.

Turay hilariously told Swedish outlet Afton Bladet: "We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone.

"But I wasn't there because Malmo asked me to come here earlier.

"We took the pictures in advance. So it looks like I was there but I wasn't. My brother had to represent me at the wedding itself."

What a move! I have nothing but respect for this. Take some pictures before hand so everyone thinks it's all good and then just send your brother for the boring ceremony part. Actually, if he had it figured out he should have done the reception and then sent his brother for the ceremony and some pictures. Pictures are by far the worst part of being in a wedding - whether it's yours or not. No one likes taking pictures. 

I need to know how the entire conversation went down. Clearly she doesn't have a problem with it because, you know, the salary and all that is pretty important. This is a dangerous game though. What if the priest slips up and says you may kiss the bride? You can't just sit back and not listen to a priest so that means your brother is planting one on your bride. No thank you. Also the brother who is the stand-in groom better be asking for some sort of monetary payment. You can't pretend to be a groom with no benefits. What's the point? 

And the worst part? Clem and I can BOTH tell you from experience. Missing Shout at your own wedding. Just heartbreaking when you hear it. Clem was in the bathroom, I was stuck taking a picture. Talk about bad breaks all around. 

What a move.