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Trey Mancini LOVES Being An Astro, Hit 2 Homers Last Night And Now Has 3 Bombs In 4 Games

Andddddd Trey Mancini to the Astros may be the best trade deadline move ever. He homered in his first start as an Astro the other day, fast forward to last night and he seemed he hit 2 bombs by the third inning. The first one tied the game at 1 but he wasn't done there. 

CHOOOO CHOOOO, make way for the Trey Train!!!! Grand slam and his 2nd homer of the night, 3rd in 4 games for Trey as an Astro. Yeah, I think he's liking his time there. He loved Baltimore, but he's super comfortable in Houston. Amazing what he can do with some REALLY good hitters around him too. Couldn't be happier for the guy, and he's helping out the Orioles by smothering another team on their tail for the Wild Card spot. Double agent, Trey Mancini. This guy may hit 30 homers as an Astro in like 60 games, he's that good. Best deadline move ever.