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Trevon Diggs Deleted His Twitter Because People Kept Posting Videos Of Him Getting Smoked By Practice Squad WRs


That's fine. A lot of people get smoked by CeeDee Lamb, nothing to be ashamed of. Even the best corners lose a step to CeeDee, fair is fair.

But what about...Simi Fehoko? You know, THAT Simi Fehoko, he of 0 NFL catches?



Oh dear. Oh no. 

You see, I hope this is the year people start realizing Trevon Diggs isn't the elite CB some people have made him out to be based on his INT totals. Yes, he had 11 picks last season, there is no denying that. But let's ask why. How did he have 11 picks? Because QBs target him, almost exclusively, because he isn't a great cover corner. He allowed over 1,000 yards in coverage and was the 8th most targeted CB in the league by opposing QBs. That's uhhhh...not where you wanna be. Why didn't Revis have these sort of INT numbers? Because he was targeted like twice a game. You just didn't throw to his side. But if you're a QB hungry for some toast, you throw only to Diggs' side...

...or just confuse him at the line of scrimmage 



Is that Diggs' fault? Up to you to decide. 


But all these tweets clearly got under his skin because poof, he deleted his Twitter.


I've often said if I was a pro athlete I wouldn't have Twitter. What is the point? You're rich as hell and everyone on Twitter is an asshole. You can discover life on Mars and some dickhead will be like "yeah well there's already life on Earth, big deal". You cannot win on Twitter, especially if you're an athlete. Maybe now he'll spend less time on Twitter and more time studying the playbook, smdh! But seriously, I hope he continues to get exposed. And yes I'm bias, suck a dick. I can't wait til football season. 

PS: Commanders o7.5 wins is a lock. Let's say we split the division games however you'd like, that's 3 (shouldn't be hard). Now we just need to find 5 wins vs Jags, Lions, Titans, Bears, Packers, Colts, Vikings, Texans, Falcons, Niners, Browns. Over 7.5, book it now or forever hold your peace. 


h/t The Liberty Line