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Atlanta FaZe's Pro Player 'aBeZy' Had To Shit So Bad Last Night During His Call of Duty Match That It Cost FaZe Two Maps Against The New York Subliners

I know I've seen this story before...shit striking at the worst time! Literally...

Paul Pierce 2008 NBA Finals          aBeZy 2022 CDL Champs


             Almost shitting yourself during a Championship


When I originally asked Cellium and Arcitys about their series against the New York Subliners, this was the LAST thing I was expecting to hear! Arcitys confirmed that Tyler (aka aBeZy) was "fighting some demons." He then went to the restroom, expelled those demons and Atlanta FaZe completed the reverse sweep against the New York Subliners.

Talk about a shitty series.

Atlanta FaZe faces off against Seattle Surge tonight at 6pm EST.

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