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ESPN Has Unveiled This Year's Song You Will Despise By Week 3 Of The College Football Season

You know we're dangerously close to college football when ESPN drops the song it will play in and out of every commercial break on every game for the entire season — a practice everyone loves. This year's anthem is "The Emperor" by Yungblud, a song which sounds fine enough and exactly like what you'd expect for this sort of thing.

Sure, we're all going to hate this song with a passion by September 10, but this is yet another indication we are that much closer to college football and for that I am thankful.

My biggest problem with the song choice is that this Yungblud character is apparently a British bloke. And not that there's anything wrong with the British, but this is college football we're talking about. Sky Sports doesn't have Toby Keith kicking off the broadcast for Man City-Liverpool. College football is something that needs to be kept in-house.


Regardless, we're almost back. Three weeks from right now, we'll all be getting ready for Nebraska-Northwestern and Vanderbilt-Hawaii to kick things off in Week 0.

So go ahead and familiarize yourself with this Yungblud track.