Joe Burrow Has Cracked The Code On How To Make Sprints At Practice Suck Significantly Less

The worst 3 words you could ever hear your coach say are "on the endline". Sprints were always the worst part of practice and they made you question why you ever decided to even play in the first place. You'd think about all the kids who just got to go home after school and relax. Meanwhile you're running suicides for 30 minutes because coach is going on a power trip and snapped because someone was walking between drills. 

Obviously conditioning plays a pretty big role in sports, but that doesn't change the fact that those drills always sucked. But what if they didn't have to suck? What if there's a way you could do those drills and not be praying for a sprained ankle halfway through just so you could get out of doing it? There has to be a way (other than obviously doing a bunch of running on your own to build up your endurance) to make sprints easier. There just has to be. 

And I think Joe Burrow may have finally cracked the case. I think Cool Joe has finally found the answer. Sidelines, but on a cart. It's genius. Sheer genius. Oh you want me to do 5 up and backs? Fine. Toss me the keys and let me rip real quick. You might lose a little time depending on the turn radius of your cart, but you should still be able to get whatever time you need to pass the conditioning test. 

This is a Heisman Trophy winner. An NCAA National Champion. An NFL Comeback Player of the Year. A guy who led his team to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 30 years. So if you're a young lad out there who is still playing competitive sports at any level and your coach gets pissed at you when you hop on the cart the next time you're doing sprints? Just direct them to this blog right here. Unless they've played in a Super Bowl themselves, I'll take Joe Cool's word over theirs.