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Buffalo Bills Rookies Are Idiots That Like Backstreet Boys More Than *NSYNC

Rookies on Buffalo's offensive line ripped their shirts off and gave a heartfelt rendition of "I Want It That Way" as part of their introduction to the team on Thursday ... and honestly, we're impressed!!

Tanner Owen, Alec Anderson and the guys alternated the classic lyrics as superstars Josh Allen and Co. watched the performance ... with the QB even turning on his iPhone flashlight to replicate a lighter.

This video is all well and good, and actually very funny ... but come on. If given the chance you ALWAYS sing *NYSNC over Backstreet Boys? It's not even for debate. What are you doing Buffalo Bills? 

Brings me back to everyday after school watching these two bands battle it out for #1 on the TRL Countdown with my man Carson Daly. Some of the wildest fans and stuff everyday, including the time a Backstreet Boys fan threatened to kill an NYSNC fan and Carson Daly over a trivia question. 

All time moment. 

PS- TRL was a top 5 tv show of all time.