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Delightful Video: You'll Never Love Anything As Much As This Kid Loves Corn On The Cob


I just couldn't help but put this video on the website. This kid just fucking LOVES corn. What a delightful. You can't see this video and not smile. I wish I enjoyed anything half as much as this kid loves corn on the cob. I mean he's PASSIONATE about it and it's wonderful. You can hardly even make jokes about it because this kid is simply too pure. My dude just wants to eat corn on the cob and preach the good name of corn on the cob. You know how missionaries go city to city, country to country, spreading the word of their lord and savior Jesus Christ? I could see this dude doing that but with corn. Making sure everyone in the world has tried it. Not resting until he has spread the good name of CotC from sea to shining sea. I hope to one day find someone to look at me the way he looks at a stalk of corn. I need to introduce him to my friend Trent. Two peas in a pod.