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Daniel Vogelbach Is THE MAN

Last night was another fantastic win in a season of fantastic wins for The New York Mets over their rival the Atlanta Braves. Things got dicey late and we (yes I said we) needed to use EdWIN (yes I said Win … looking at you Negative Frank) Diaz for two innings because you can't really trust anyone else in the bullpen in a situation that important, but a win is a win and a win vs your rival is a win vs your rival. 

The game really opened up when Pete Alonso and Daniel Vogelbach went back to back with homers in the third inning. 

Vogelbach has become a fan favorite and he is not afraid of the bright lights. He's tearing it up since his arrival in Queens , and last night on the broadcast Gary told a story Vogelbach said to Pete Alonso "I hit my home runs in bunches just like I get my donuts." 

On the We Gotta Believe Podcast I said we needed Vogelbach merch, I also said we need to retire his number. Players who get hot can get you excited like that. Shoutout to our merch team the best in business who got it done super quickly. They have arrived … and they are glorious.