The Best Producer In The Game Right Now, Illenium, Tapped Our Boy Teddy Swims For His New Smash Record, "All That Really Matters", And It Is Fire Flames

Dancing Astronaut - Teddy Swims‘ sublime vocals on ILLENIUM‘s newest single “All That Really Matters” make for the perfect match between the Atlanta-based singer and Dancing Astronaut‘s Artist of the Year in 2021. The new single was originally debuted during ILLENIUM’s brace of dates at Washington’s Gorge Amphitheatre. Just a few weeks later, the Fallen Embers producer would bring out Teddy Swims during his performance at Bonnaroo where he finished his set with what is now his newest single.

With “All That Really Matters,” ILLENIUM continues to prove that in service of his fans he’ll continue to try new things as his catalog grows. While certainly one of melodic bass’ foremost torch bearers, as we saw on Fallen Embers Deluxe, the Chicago-born producer is more than willing to dabble in other styles. “All That Really Matters” is a love song at heart. Backed by Teddy Swims tear-inducing vocals, ILLENIUM lays down a track that, in a word, is simply beautiful. It’s a euphoric dance-pop track along the lines of past records like “Beautiful Creatures,” “In Your Arms”, and more recently “Don’t Let Me Let Go.” The back-and-forth from heavy melodic bass and dubstep to pop-forward dance tracks is a double edged sword that few are able to wield with such success.

Talk about a dream collab for me. 

I've been on the Teddy Swims train for a while now. Some might say I'm conducting it. 


The man is a musical gift from heaven. Just an incredible melodic voice, which happens to belong to an incredible songwriter, and damn good person. 

All Illenium knows how to do is make absolute bangers. So it's zero surprise this song just so happens to be one. 

Him reaching out to Teddy to bless this track with his vocals, and Teddy crushing it, just further shows both artists' true versatility. 

Well done.

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