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I Have No Choice But To Proclaim It Tottenham's Time With The EPL Officially BACK Today

Today, 3pm Eastern we have the EPL back. I know some people still like to puff their chest as if they can't watch soccer or whatever. What people don't realize is the EPL has the ideal TV schedule for us here in Eastern and Central time zones. You get a couple weekday afternoon games. You get the Saturday and Sunday morning games that lead right into football. It's ideal. It helps start the multiple TV screen sports schedule. 

This season is obviously a bit different with the break for the World Cup but all the intrigue is here. But this is about Tottenham. This is about my squad. I know people pick clubs for different reasons, but I picked Tottenham back in the mid-2000s when my good buddy from college was an Arsenal fan. He had the package to watch all the games (probably illegally looking back on it) and I refused to pick Man U. Throw in guys like Defoe and Keane and that group plus a simple name - Spurs. I was addicted to them. 


Fast forward about 20 years now and for the first time I'm terrified of expectations. The run late last season with Conte. Obviously keeping Conte but then going out and making signings that ... make sense. Go out and get guys like Richarlson, Perisic, Bissouma and Spence. That's how you help get some depth + more talent and options for Conte. 

I know, I know. Chelsea and Man City. But this is me hopeful before the season starts. This is what being a fan is all about and trying to convince yourself that this season will be different. Maybe I blindly (or not so blindly) trust Conte too much. Dude is just a winning manager. Maybe I trust the scoring too much. Speaking of which

Bounce back year for Harry Kane (+500). 

Finished 4th last year behind Sonny, Salah and Ronaldo. I'll take my chances with Kane buying back in with Conte and firing on all cylinders. 

As for the Premier League in general? Fuck yes. Try to get into it. That's my plea to you. Don't be the 'oh soccer is boring'. It's not. It's like, you know, any other sport? Some games are boring. Some games are awesome. But there are plenty of storylines and like I said. The timing of matches are perfect. Not to mention some of our boys are over there:

Christian Pulisic (Chelsea), Brendan Aaronson (Leeds), Jesse Marsch (Leeds manager), Tyler Adams (Leeds), Tim Ream (Fulham), Antonee Robinson (Fulham), Chris Richards (Crystal Palace) and Matt Turner (Arsenal). 

You have Everton ready to be relegated this year. Honestly, that's one of the biggest storylines for me. Everton SUCKED last season. Finished 16th - two spots and 4 points above relegation. Things don't look great this year for them either! Everton is one of the bigger 'mid' level teams I'd say. Not in the top-6 but in that group after when you start listing squads. 


Teams that were promoted: Nottingham Forest (Chief will have you covered with them this year), Fulham and Bournemouth. Now comes the battle of staying in Premier League and more importantly keeping that money coming from being there. 

There's the Ronaldo saga. There's the Glazers and Man U. There's Chelsea under new ownership. Like I said, there's plenty to talk about but my hands are tied. It's Tottenham's time. 

+1300 on the Barstool Sportsbook. Believe in your squad one time.