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I Can't Stop Laughing At Video Of This Bouncer Picking This Asshole Customer Up Like A Child And Carrying Him Out Of The Bar

The main Barstool twitter account posted this Wednesday and the first time I watched it I laughed out loud. 

The 30th time I watched it, I still laughed out loud.

Watching this gigantic security guard, pick up this average size person like he is a garden gnome, and carrying him across the venue and placing him outside of it is the definition of laugh-out-loud funny.

The caption is also correct.

Once you experience that level of being humbled, in public, you have to just own it and leave. You can't show your face around those parts again for quite some time. That guy has seen his last beer at that watering hole for a while.

His best bet would be to visit the venue bright and early the next day, when doors first open, and ask for the security guard by name and apologize. (Which is honestly the best and only way to get out of being removed from somewhere by bouncers. The worst thing you can do is try to explain your case to a bouncer. Ever. It's loud. You're more than likely drunk. And they have the worst job in the world dealing with assholes non-stop all night, every night. A simple "I'm sorry. Won't happen again." Goes way further with them than anything you can say trying to prove what an angel you are.) 

Props to the person who foresaw this spectacle going down and took out their camera. And props to the bouncer for not Jazzy Jeff-ing this guy out the front door when he easily could have.

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p.s. - never forget