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Shohei Ohtani Hit 2 Of The Angels SEVEN Home Runs On The Day.....And They Still Lost By 1

Ho-Hum, just another day on the diamond for Shohei Ohtani and the Angels. Ohtani keeps playing out of his mind, homers #23 and #24 of the season, but as is tradition the Angels just couldn't come out on top. They hit 7 homers today, all solo shots and still lost to the Athletics 8-7. Can't make this stuff up folks. They really are a living baseball meme team. 

7 homers in a game and losing to the worst team in the AL should get you disbanded. They should just fold right this very second. I don't understand how you can even accomplish this. 9 hits total and 7 of them were bombs, that is stuff you do in The Show, but the Angels do it every day and still lose. Another game where Ohtani is playing his dick off and the Angels just can't pull it out. It's incredible. They tied the record for most home runs hit in a game during a loss, so at least they have that? I love this team, they should be entertaining for the talent they have on the field, but they are entertaining for the wild shit they do in their losses like this. They really are that Tungsten Arm O'Doyle tweet come to life. Someday they'll free Ohtani, someday he'll be on a good team. They remind me of the Seattle Seahawks. Clem says the Seahawks always have weird games and scores, they are the Seahawks of MLB. Maybe one day they'll free Ohtani and he can win something, but until then I want all the weird record setting losses out there.