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Stavros Halkias Explains His Reasoning For Leaving The 'Cum Town' Podcast

On today's Pardon My Take… STAVROS HALKIAS! The comedian and recurring guest joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show once again to do a Mount Rushmore of "Breakups," take part in a unique breakdown of the NFL teams based on how they perform in bed, and much more. Speaking of breaking up, that's exactly what Stavros went through just a few weeks ago, when he decided to leave the "Cum Town" podcast (announced via Notes App). What else went into this decision to leave that successful show? We got some answer's on today's PMT…


Mr. Cat: How has it been, though, the breakup? Obviously, people are curious, but are people mad at you online?

Stavros Halkias: Oh, yeah. Of course. They were always going to be mad, for sure. I mean, listen, it's all love. You know, God bless the Adam Friedland Show, you know, I hope those boys are successful. 

Mr. Cat: They're kind of killing it now, yeah. 

Stavros Halkias: That's great. 

Mr. Commenter: Have you heard the monologues? 

Stavros Halkias: I have not.

Mr. Commenter: Monologues are solid. 

Stavros Halkias: I'm completely off, I'm completely off everything. Not even, you know, that show, just everything. So, yeah, it's all like, they're going to be successful, they're hilarious as shit. But I was just like, honestly dude, I think because I was at the end of this fucking tour and I was so tied, I was like, "I don't want to do anything." I was like, I just kind of quit everything, and I'm going to fucking find myself, eat, pray, love in Baltimore for a month. I had to come back here for some other shit, so I figured, fuck it, let's do a Mount Rushmore. 

(a few minutes later)

Stavros Halkias: I just kind of like, you know, semi was like, "Fuck it. I don't want to do shit. I'm burned out." And also, I talked about it, it's so funny because I was on the show and I like, "Dude, I hate podcasting." And it was almost like, doing the press run, actually, I was talking about it, I was like…

Mr. Cat: Oh, so you're blaming us for the breakup.

Stavros Halkias: It's your fault, yeah, talking to you guys, like…

Mr. Commenter: You came on this show and you were like, "Podcasting sucks."

Mr. Cat: No, that's fine.

Mr. Commenter: You've been running like an extremely successful podcast for six years. You meet us for one afternoon, and you're like, "This medium is dead."

Stavros Halkias: I don't want to end up like these pieces of shit!

Mr. Cat: It's cool, though. Because you don't have like, very diehard fans that will totally blame us. We're fine, it'll be fine. We don't have the luxury of going to Baltimore on vacation and unplugging. 


Mr. Commenter: Are we Yoko Ono?

Stavros Halkias: You're Yoko Ono, dude. I think it was like a gay kid getting horny for his gym teacher and being like, "Oh, why don't I like girls?" And then you see your gym teacher and you're like, "Oh, he's fucking hot?" You know, I was like the press run I was like, I came out as not wanting to podcast.

Mr. Cat: Conversion therapy.

Stavros Halkias: It dawned on me, where I was like, yeah dude…

Mr. Cat: Mike Pence was like, "I'm going to make you not a podcaster."

Stavros Halkias: Yeah. So I mean, look, I'll probably fucking, at this point, the way like media works, you got to have something for your fans to do, like, every week. But I'm gonna take a long ass break. I'll probably do some kind of bullshit podcast or video show or something, but yeah, dude, I was just fucking burned out. And I was fat as fuck, you know, unhealthy as shit. And I was just like, "This is fucking… I just don't want to do shit." So, I've just been kind of chilling, it rules. Not doing shit is awesome.

I'll be honest - I had no idea who Stavros Halkias was before he appeared on Pardon My Take a couple of months ago. But immediately, I became a huge fan. He is one of the funniest guests that has ever appeared on the show, and I'm sure that whatever comes next for him will be amazing.