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Kim Kardashian Better Watch Her Back Because Katy Perry Might Be Comin' For Pete Davidson

MASH was the shit in elementary school. Will you live in a house? A shack? Will you marry a super star? Only MASH could determine your future and it meant everything when it comes to status on the...playground? blacktop? I forget what we did in like, 6th grade. I certainly wasn't running around in a field. Anyway, Tiktok has a new MASH filter (that I've personally used 1,000 times) and we have Katy Perry getting into the mix. Everything seemed great...mansion house, sick car, slightly too many kids and...PETE DAVIDSON. 

Even when this man isn't on the prowl, he still wins. No one has ever accidentally fallen into more A+ pussy than Pete Davidson. People are saying that Katy's face makes it seem like she DOESN'T want to have 6 kids and live in a mansion with Pete? I say she's making that face because she's thought about it, and doesn't want her husband (Orlando BLOOM) to be jealous. She even says sorry to him in the caption! She apologies because she knows, if Pete comes sniffing around, she has to follow her destiny. Its sayonara to Will Turner, hello Chad from SNL. PRAY for Kim. 

Here are some pics of Katy Perry('s boobs!)