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Aaron Rodgers Credits Taking Psychedelic Drugs For Winning Back To Back MVP Awards

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

Aaron Rodgers went on the Aubrey Marcus podcast recently and talked about his use of psychedelic drugs opened up his mind, leading to back to back MVP seasons. Now I'm sure mainstream media pundits out there are gonna try and tear him down here, but me? My response? Keep doing them (as long as they're ok with the NFL drug policy). In fact, let's do more of this ayahuasca stuff. Maybe increase the dosage around January? 

"I laid there afterwards on my mat and then opened my eyes and it felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time. I really feel like that experience paved the way for me to have the best season of my career,"

It's all a bunch of crazy stuff no doubt, but does it really surprise anyone? It's pretty obvious that over the last three years or so Rodgers has become more open and spiritual. That change has coincided with a resurgence in his career. So that trip to Peru with Danica wasn't all about checking out the scenery? Oh no, it was all drugs and spiritual vision quests to find himself. He stumbled upon a nice medicine man and cleared his mind. That resulted in back to back MVPs. Any haters on here should take a look at your QBs and wonder why they haven't tried ayahuasca.

P.S. I'm here wondering if Gerrit Cole should hop on the phantom IL and take a quick trip to Peru for a week.