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You Can't Go Around Kicking Guys In The Face In Beer League Hockey. You Just Can't

Everybody plays beer league hockey for the same couple of reasons. The first being that none of us were actually good enough at hockey to still be playing it at a competitive level. The second being that it's the highlight of your week. The one time of the week when you get together with the boys, snap it around on the ice for a while, hopefully come out of there with a W, but still hammer back a few ice cold Labatt's in the locker room after the game regardless of the score. For a couple of hours on a Tuesday night heading into the early hours of Wednesday morning, life is great. 

Which is why dickheads like this need to be suspended for life. You want to be an asshole and get in a fight in men's league? Fine. You're probably divorced and your kids hate your guts, so I get having that pent up frustration. But to desecrate the sanctity of beer league hockey like that and kick a dude square in the face with your skate? After you already gotten taken down in the fight and the refs finally hopped in to separate you? That's as gutless as it gets. 

So yeah. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but you can't go around kicking guys in the face with your skate. Don't care who you are or where you're from. The only way you should ever be allowed back on the ice again is if you play every game for the rest of your life in a pair of rental skates that haven't been sharpened in 5 years.