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Rutgers Has Resorted to Selling Football Tickets at Costco

You can feel college football in the air. Fall camps are underway, we're just three weeks from actual games and people are fired up. Nowhere are they more excited, however, than in the aisles of New Jersey Costco stores.

For the low price of $99.99, two lower level sideline tickets to a Rutgers 2022 home game could be yours. Those same tickets will be $13 (including fees) on Gametime on the morning of whichever game you want to attend, but the real Scarlet Knight fans know you need to jump on this deal now. The best college football programs in the country sell tickets at Costco when they only have a few remaining and they're about to sell out for the season.

South Carolina is apparently also jumping on the Costco bandwagon, though I don't know following the lead of Rutgers is what any college football program wants to do.

But if you're a college football fan in New Jersey or South Carolina looking for a great deal on tickets to watch a poverty program, head to your local Costco and you might just be in luck.