This Kid Bawling His Eyes Out On AEW Last Night Is Why There's Simply Nothing Like A Great Wrestling Storyline

Here I was catching up on AEW this morning and my God did this kid steal the show. You can see the whole segment above. Undisputed Elite turned on Young Bucks, it was a matter of time. They've been teasing this for what feels like months at this point. However, no one and I mean NO ONE was more upset than this kid: 


He put the Northwestern crying kid to shame

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It's why wrestling is the best. Every single wrestling fan had this sort of moment - sure, not the tears. But the feeling of being upset/pissed, however you want to classify it when there's a turn you don't like. Maybe it's Rock going Corporate? Maybe it was Shawn Michaels hitting Sweet Chin Music on Marty Jannetty. There are a million examples where we all turn into this guy.

I honestly don't know if I'll ever grow out of being a wrestling fan. I'm 35 and next week I become a father of two. I watch AEW twice a week at a minimum. Sure, part of it is the fact I work from home and can knock out an episode the next day with some background noise. But I genuinely enjoy it. It's like any other show where I am invested and intrigued by storylines. 

Shout out this kid though. Simply had to let out his feelings on the turn. Good news is he'll be pumped (I assume) with Adam Page joining the Young Bucks and the eventual return of Kenny Omega.