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And Here We Have The Most Horrific Display Of Being A Teammate You'll See All Day

Hey #32. Do me a favor here real quick and pack your shit. Actually, let's at least make a positive out of this one and donate all your gear. You don't need it anymore. Pretty sure there's a swim team or something out there calling your name right now. 

Because if you can just sit there and watch your goalie get absolutely obliterated like that and you don't do a single thing about it? Well maybe team sports just aren't your thing. I'm not necessarily saying you have to go over there and fight the guy. Obviously that would be preferable, but you also don't want to get your ass kicked while trying to stick up for your tendy. At the very least, though, you have to slash the shit out of his wrists. You have to give him a heavy crosscheck to the kidney. Either #32 despises his own goalie or he's the worst teammate in America. 


As far as the actual hit goes? Looks pretty damn clean to me. Shoulder down, through the chest, that's just a good old fashioned steamrolling. You could make the argument it's "unnecessary", but the last time I checked this was a contact sport. If the goalie doesn't want to get blown up like that, he could always just stay in the crease. Final verdict: Clean hit, brutal lack of response.