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Spain Bans All Public Places (Bar, Offices, Stores, etc) From Setting the AC Below 27°C....Aka 80 Degrees!!!!

Euro News - A debate has been sparked after Spain's government moved to prevent offices, shops and other venues from setting air conditioning below 27°C in the summer.

It is part of plans to cut the country's energy consumption and limit dependency on Russian gas. 

The decree, published on Tuesday morning, will also stop heating from being raised above 19°C during the winter.

The rules will be mandatory in all public and commercial buildings, including bars, cinemas, theatres, airports and train stations. 

It is extended as a recommendation to Spanish households.

“Right now, perhaps suggested by the heat wave we are experiencing, I would say that with 27 degrees we will be very hot," Andrea Castillo, a worker at Castellón university, told Euronews. "Perhaps we could work at 25 degrees, but not at 27.”


Bro this is flat out insane. We are in the year 2022. You can do anything in this year. We're sending spaceships up to Mars, we have satellites taking pictures of universes 3 trillion light years away, you can put on VR goggles and fuck porn stars...but a 1st world, developed country like Spain can't use air conditioning! It's, as a man with jockey-esque features once said, BUH-NAN-UHS. It's buhnanas! 

When you think of developed countries you think America, Canada, England, France, Italy, Spain. Those are the heavy hitters. Places you feel comfortable going on vacation. Imagine booking your flight to Spain only to get over there and find out they aren't even allowed to turn on the AC? Do they not even have food over there either? What are they, Honduras?!

Look at this weather:



Say you live over there and you aren't a tourist. You can't even go to the movie theater to chill out, no AC. The mall? No AC. YOU CAN'T EVEN GO TO THE BAR TO GET SOME AC!!!! What a god damn nightmare. 

I mean, are they sneaky trying to murder all their people? Maybe they saw the numbers Covid did and want to kill a few more people before the new year? Not the worst plan. 

And guess what? They'll be killing their people in the winter too because they are banning turning up the heat above 19 Celsius, aka 66.2 degrees. Hope Pau Gasol has plenty of blankets.

I did some digging and couldn't find out if casinos are part of this too. Gotta imagine casinos can like, brew their own energy or something to keep that cold air pumping 24 hours a day. I feel there's one common law across all nations- you don't fuck with casinos. 

For me now though? I'll honor the great people of Spain and keep my ACs running on full blast, the way they would want me to. I stand with you Spain! AC for all!