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The New Look Padres Wasted No Time Visiting Slam Diego In The First Inning Tonight

What a fucking start for the new look Padres!

Your first six at bats? Jurickson Profar foul out. Juan Soto walk. Manny Machado double. Josh Bell walk. Jake Cronenworth HBP to bring in a run. Brandon Drury GRAND SLAM. That call by Don Orsillo too? On the money as usual. 

Yes, it's the unserious Colorado Rockies, but scoring five runs in your first six batters like that? Get excited San Diego, you got yourselves a very dangerous baseball team. Oh and don't forgot Fernando Tatis Jr. is coming back soon unless he gets back on another motorcycle. That's not a lineup I want to trifle with.

Drury I feel like was slept on big time with everyone focussing on the Soto and Bell deal. He was quietly having a career year over in Cincinnati and will only further lengthen this lineup. If they can just figure out the pitching the sky is the limit. 


P.S. Padres at Dodgers this weekend. Appointment television if I do say so myself.