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You Think Hunter Renfrow Is Upgrading His Uber For The Boys So They Have Comfort? In This Economy?

Hey Kylie, this is how you lead from the front. None of those twelve minute private jets, no we're talking Uber X's for the boys. 

They say money will change people. Well, Hunter Renfrow signed a 2 year $32 million extension and did not get the memo on that one. Davante Adams, Derek Carr, Mack Hollins, and Renfrow headed to play some Top Golf and you think he's upgrading to an XL or a Black SUV for luxury? Have you even heard about the recession? Most of that contract hasn't kicked in yet, Hunter has to think smart here. I bet if there were only three of them he would have had them in an Uber XShare

Can you just imagine what that driver was thinking. Sees the name Hunter as his rider and doesn't think for a second he's about to be carrying over $200 million in contracts in his tiny sedan. 

Funniest part of all this is Renfrow grabbing the front seat. Preposterous move. Mack Hollins is 6'4" Derek Carr 6'3" Davante Adams 6'1" and they're all scrunched up three deep in the back while 5'10" (definitely shorter) Renfrow is all cozy in the front. Diabolical.