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WATCH: Yordan Alvarez Got Four Strikes in an At-Bat and Literally Nobody on the Field Noticed

These Major League umpires aren't even pretending to care anymore. Take as many strikes as you need when you're at the plate, these guys don't give a shit. Soon enough, we'll go back to the days of hitters telling pitchers where they have to put the ball.

The only thing I'm mad about in this situation is that Yordan Alvarez didn't send his bonus pitch to the moon. I needed this game decided by one run after an Alvarez homer on his fourth strike.

How does nobody notice this? I guess it's plausible that an umpire could lose track of the count — it shouldn't ever happen, but they're human — but you'd think at least Rich Hill or Reese McGuire would have known it was strike three and tried to inform someone. The fact that nobody says a word still makes me think I'm the one taking crazy pills and I'm wrong, despite having watched it five times.

It just sucks it didn't end up mattering. Shame on Yordan for not capitalizing and making this more of a thing.