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Media Fight: Legendary Soccer Reporter Promises To Be Right After Brighton Tweets He's Wrong About One Of Their Players Transferring To Chelsea

Fast forward a little bit and we have this from the club

Now for those who don't know Fabrizo, he's basically if you combine Woj and Shams but for soccer. Every transfer, contract, etc seems to come from him first. I don't know how he's so locked in to every country and every club but he is. Dude is the President of Scoop City. 

He decided to take it up a notch though. He's promising to be right. 

OH SHIT. The emoji. The promise. It's an exceptional tweet, especially, ESPECIALLY, if he's right. Nothing like getting the correct info over, you know, the current club. It's as good of a source off as we'll see. We're looking at an all-time backfire or an all-time call. 

You don't get a club response like this too often. I'm all for it. I need more of this during NFL/NBA free agency. Shit, add in the MLB trade deadline too. Imagine if the Nats said that Passan was wrong about Soto? It'd blow up Twitter. I can't wait to see how this one shakes out. I need a full apology from Brighton. That's what I'm cheering for.