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Watch As Alex Jones Learns His Own Lawyers Accidentally Sent Entire Contents Of His Phone To Attorney Of Sandy Hook Parents

Before we get into detail, if you just want to see an extremely red sack of shit bumble for a moment here you go:

Alex Jones is currently in the midst of a defamation trial for spreading lies about the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre where twenty 6-7 year old children & six adults were ruthlessly murdered. Subsequently, the lives of the victim's already grief-stricken parents were made into even more of a nightmare as a result of his actions, and they are finally getting their say in court.

Jones, greedy & soulless & bloated as ever, is trying to paint the case as an attack on the 1st Amendment and is continuing to spread falsehoods on his show, despite looking those parents in the eyes (when he bothers to show up) with one heart-breakingly telling him, "My son existed"...

But now, thanks to a HUGE mistake by his own lawyers, it looks like proving he knew he was lying all this time (and additionally that he lied on the stand to boot) will be a cakewalk: 



Gotta love a little karma. 

I think the worst part of this is, besides the parents having to do this in the first place, that Jones has done such a good job of brainwashing folks already on the brink of falling off reality that they'll only support him more after this. He will never be sorry about profiting off of murdered first graders or the limbo of suffering & fear the parents will deal with the rest of their days, and he will continue to find loopholes to do it. As a parent I think about how I would feel getting emails from conspiracy nuts as I spend all my waking time wondering what my son's last moments were like, and I literally cannot fathom it. There's a special place in hell for Jones & anyone who follows him & allows him to continue. The parents speaking up are incredibly brave & I hope a small bit of justice against Jones brings them at least a little peace.