A Bachelorette Contestant Took His Dying Dog's Favorite Toy From Him To Be Able To Bring It On The Bachelorette

Dog lovers read with caution. This may be one of the most evil moves pulled by anyone on the Bachelorette. One of the men on Rachel's side, Hayden, who has previously told Gabby she was 'rough around the edges' brought his dying dog's favorite toy with him on the show. Hayden presented the toy to Rachel along with a scrapbook of pictures of his dog, Rambo, to prove to Rachel that he is there for good reasons because he could be home with his sick dog. Leaving your sick dog who has an uncertain amount of time left to live is already tough enough but to take his favorite toy from him is nearly pulling the plug. 

We do believe that Hayden does love his dog very much but we can't deny it's a bit of a nuts move. 


SPOILER: Hayden was sent home later that night before the rose ceremony after Meatball (who told Rachel he was there for Gabby but then last minute told Rachel he was caught up in the moment, wanted to be Team Rachel & was brought back to Rachel's side without ever addressing it on the show...weird) told Rachel that Hayden was calling Gabby & Rachel bitches on top of comparing Rachel's boobs to his ex.

P.S. Rambo is allegedly still with us. THANK GOD.

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