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Robots Are Now Coming For Soccer: UEFA Is Going To Use A Ball That Has A Sensor Inside To Help Decide If Someone Is Offsides

Here we go with the robots again. We had this story with offsides and the World Cup: 

I don't know man. It feels like there will always be a problem with offsides and soccer. VAR isn't the best answer. We have refs looking at a camera trying to decide if an arm is offsides when the ball is kicked. It takes forever and you're sitting here wondering what the ruling will be. Also well aware you can't just get rid of offsides. Sure, I'd love to see one match with it just to see how it plays out, but it's not possible. 

So now we're trying this. 

[Source] - A sensor will be placed in the centre of match ball, recording data 500 times a second to detect when the ball has been kicked. All players will be mapped to create an AI model of their position -- a similar method to goal-line technology.

The time needed to make a VAR offside decision should be reduced from an average of 70 seconds to 25, while fans inside the stadiums and viewers watching on television will be provided with a 3D animation to clearly show the offside.

Okay, well if it cuts it down to 25 seconds that's still a positive. But there's something annoying about seeing the build up thinking you have a goal only for it to go to replay. I want the actual reaction. I want the fans to go crazy and then not have to sit on their hands.

Unless it helps USA or Tottenham

In the overall scheme of sports and robot umpires/refs. I'm torn man. I really am. On one hand if they can get more correct calls, awesome. On the other hand, there's the human element that still plays a part of games. It's not the best reason. But it's also tradition at this point. People are going to get pissed at refs. Well if they are just robots what happens? Pretty sure a manager can't get ejected for arguing balls and strikes with a robot. 

Can't wait to see the first disaster here.