Pro Call of Duty Has Its Own Minor League System And You Wouldn't Believe The Passion In The Scene

Call of Duty Challengers is competitive Call of Duty in its purest form! This is where players compete for cash prizes, but more importantly, the chance to become a starting player in the professional Call of Duty League. These guys devote a large portion of their life to try and achieve this goal. 

Think about Challengers in the same light as Minor League Baseball - Challengers is simply a feeder system for teams to see who are the best upcoming players in competitive Call of Duty. Players travel from across the globe in order to try and make a name for themselves.

The tournament we're showcasing is a $75,000 tournament spanning 3 days. This event was held at Helix esports venue in Foxborough, MA. The event was sick and it was right next to Gillette Stadium in Patriot Patriot. CDL team Boston Breach did a phenomenal job to host a spectacular event.

However, it's not only amateurs competing in Challengers. At these events, you'll also see former professionals and some World Champions who are fighting to get back into the league.

Some of the ones highlighted in this documentary are Doug 'Censor' Martin, who previously competed on FaZe Clan for 4+ years and James 'Clayster' Eubanks, who was a starter for the New York Subliners earlier this year until they decided to go a different route. Thus, finding himself out of a starting position.

Censor is the top right picture below and Clayster is bottom left.


In this documentary, we're covering Toronto Ultra Academy NA, who's widely regarded as the #1 Challenger team in the competitive Call of Duty scene. They're headlined by Thomas Ernst, who goes by in-game name 'Scrappy.' He's one of the most talented upcomers that could very well land a starting role in the Call of Duty League next year.

Toronto Ultra Academy NA features 3 more players named 'Hicksy,' 'Assault' and 'Vikul,' who are accompanied by 2 coaches in Mystvc and Mayhem. Currently, both Hicksy and Scrappy are signed by the professional team Toronto Ultra and act as substitute players. With this, they're still able to play tournaments in Challengers and could get called into a starting role at any time.

In this piece, we wanted to show the emotions and passion that goes on behind the scenes of these gaming events. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

I wanna give a huge shoutout to Alex Busch and Noah An for grinding their dicks off on this documentary! They've been putting in long days/nights to make sure this was able to drop before Champs.


Starting tomorrow, August 4th, Call of Duty Champs will be starting in LA. During this time, both the Challengers and professionals will be competing for their own respective Championship tournaments in Call of Duty: Vanguard. I'll be boots on the ground capturing all the content live, checkout my twitter for interviews and more!