[Source] - "There have been all kinds of people clamoring for SlamBall to come back. There has been #BringBackSlamBall media, viewed over 200 million times in the last 12 months. So, I'm ready to announce next summer, 2023, SlamBall is coming back, live!"

I wish I could make the headline bigger and bold the words. It's simple but this is all you need to know. SlamBall is coming back in summer of 2023. Thank you very much for this news Mason Gordon - the founder of arguably the greatest sport to ever exist. 


Just one of the best ideas we ever had as humans. Slamball was must watch when the league started in 2002 with Rumble, Diablos, Bouncers, Steal, Mob and Slashers - just incredible team names. Also shout out Coach Carter, who was the coach for the Rumble that first season. Simply incredible names. We should run that back in 2023 too. 

I still think the most baffling play in sport was pulling up for a jumper in SlamBall. It's SlamBall! You either shoot the 3 or dunk on someone. Dunking off a trampoline is awesome. I remember growing up with a trampoline that had a hoop attached to it. Shocking that my brother and I made it out of there with no injuries. SlamBall is one of those things that anyone over the age of like 27ish loves. Everyone dreamt of playing it. 

Gordon is right too. There's 100% a spot for SlamBall because of the length of the game. 

Gordon and his partners felt it was the perfect time to strike … especially since kids are decreasingly watching entire 3-hour sporting events.

"SlamBall just kind of fits the bill. They're 20-minute games. Television half hours. People obviously have really gravitated to the action, and it's this incredible mash-up between basketball, football, hockey, little bit of gymnastics, little bit of video games, that's just SlamBall."

Everyone wants games to move fast. Everyone wants to see highlights. There's a reason social media is so important to sports. A 20 minute game? That's how you knock it out and keep people engaged in a full game. Also dropping it in the summer is perfect. Think about a month ago when we were desperate for sports. You're in the dog days of baseball. We should have had the World Cup but you know, FIFA is corrupt as shit. Summer League is great background noise. But now we get a sport that will bring us all about to our teenage years. Fuck yes. 

All I know is this is a binding contract. You can't say it's coming back and then back out of it.