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Advanced Analytics: Research (The Internet) Proves Kyler Murray Plays Worse When Call Of Duty Has Double XP Weekends

This is the type of shit we need the Internet for. This is for everyone who gambles. This is for everyone who plays fantasy football. This is for everyone who plays Call Of Duty. This is for everyone who is going to now look at the schedule and figure out if their team plays the Cardinals on one of these weekends. 

Kyler Murray is addicted to playing Call of Duty. I get it. I can't say I enjoy playing these sort of games because I stink out loud at them. But I'll spend way too many hours playing NBA 2k, FIFA, Madden, The Show, etc. Now luckily I don't need a study clause from Barstool because, well, I'm a blogger. 


Now back to the research. A sincere thank you. This isn't the first time someone has done some sort of research on this. I'll never forget the James Harden playing worse in cities with top tier strip clubs. Great research there. But this is in the news. This is the story that matters. 

I appreciate the fact it's all laid out like the scientific method. For those who don't remember it's simple:

Step 1 - Question (Does Kyler Murray suck when he can play more video games?)

Step 2 - Research (See Twitter/reddit)

Step 3 - Hypothesis (If there are 2xp weekends, Kyler Murray will be worse)

Step 4 - Experiment 

Step 5 - Data 

Step 6 - Conclusion (I will be betting against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals on these weekends).

That's right. I just hit the blog world with the scientific method. Bet you didn't see that coming. Again, this whole saga is fucking hilarious. We're talking about a quarterback who helped turn the Cardinals around. Can he be better? Sure. Especially later in the year. But the fact that everyone is tying it all to Call of Duty makes it even funnier. 

Fucking 2022 man. This era will never stop being funny.