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Updated Programming Note Update: Frank The Tank Is Now Banned From Tweeting Anything Negative About The Mets For The Rest Of The Regular Season

Hey guys, it's me again. The guy that keeps sentencing Frank The Tank to Twitter Jail. Just wanted to update everyone on the latest Frank The Tank Twitter news.

For those that missed the previous updates, here you go:

TL;DR - Frank was banned from tweeting anything negative about the Mets until August after incorrectly betting that the Mets would go under .500 against in 10 games against the Big 3 of the Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, and Miami Marlins.

Followed by him doubling down that Jacob deGrom would be shut down for the season last Thursday because, and I quote, Mets bad news drip drip drips.

Of course Jacob deGrom pitched last night, with this being the only mention of that game that I will include in this blog.

Anywayyyyy, yesterday Frank got a little hot under the collar because it appeared the Mets weren't going to make ANY moves at the trade deadline, which caused this explosion in my DMs.

Which once again was followed by #Frank being #Wrong, since the Mets got rid of JD Davis AND bullpen help.


I know Billy Eppler said to pump the brakes on this type of talk, but I have a hard time believing this guy won't get at least a cup of coffee with the big boys come September.

So apologies to all the Fleming Lemmings that get off on a man losing his mind about a baseball team on Twitter. but you will have to wait until the playoffs for that to happen or follow the @BarstoolSports Twitter account for his video updates of him losing his mind about a team that is :checks standings: 65-38 with the 2nd best record in the National League and are 12-5 since Cranky Frankie was locked up.