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A List of Celebrities Smoke Shows Klemmer Resembles

Today, I was staring at my beautiful coworker Chris Klemmer and thought to myself "I've seen this face before." Maybe in a past life? Maybe in my dreams? Then it hit me... Chris Klemmer is a movie star. There are tons of famous actors that Klemmer resembles. His symmetrical features and slim bod have been seen on the big screen. Here is a list of famous people Klemmer looks like  

Nancy From Stranger things 

Tommaso Boddi. Getty Images.

Beaker From the Muppets 

Giphy Images.

Elijah Wood 

Shirlaine Forrest. Getty Images.

Steve Buscemi 

Jamie McCarthy. Getty Images.

This Actor Guy 

Rob Latour. Shutterstock Images.

Micheal Yagoobian From Meet The Robinsons

Giphy Images.