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Nick Saban Had the Audacity to Call 2021 a 'Rebuilding Year' for Alabama — That brings us to Wednesday morning when Nick Saban appeared on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning on WJOX-FM in Birmingham. Discussing the dynamics in preparation for the upcoming season, Saban made a comment in reference to last year that may have caught a few ears.

“Last year,” Saban said, “we had kind of a rebuilding year.”

Like 7-5 or 8-4?

More like 12-1 in the regular season, an SEC championship game win and a fourth-quarter lead in the national title game. All relative.

“We should have nine starters back on offense, nine on defense but six guys go out early for the draft and now we have five back on offense and seven back on defense,” Saban said in the next breath on the show hosted by former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy and former Auburn offensive lineman Cole Cubelic. “That, in and of itself creates a few more question marks but it also creates opportunity for other players to be able to shine in the program and be able to contribute in a positive way. So nobody knows for sure how this stuff is going to come to fruition but that’s part of the excitement and challenge we have to be able to develop a team.”

I'm so sick of this guy, man.

Nick Saban has built the greatest dynasty in college football history that replenishes itself with a new crop of a dozen five-stars every season and somehow still has the audacity to call a 13-2 season a "rebuilding year." Somehow, I think the narrative would have been a little different if the Crimson Tide finished the job against Georgia for a second time in the national championship game — or maybe Saban is enough of a narcissist that he'd still call it a rebuilding year to prop himself up more.

What happened to NO EXCUSES?

I guess it is fair to make excuses when all you have is a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, the best defensive player in the country, a wide receiver who went No. 12 overall in the NFL Draft and 71 other four- and five-star players. What were they supposed to do, after all? The fact they won six games was a miracle.

I know he's the greatest coach ever, but we may still be underselling Saban's preeminence. He somehow led that ragtag group to 13 wins last season. This guy is a miracle worker.

We're only four weeks away from seeing what Saban is able to do with this year's Island of Misfit Toys on Alabama's roster. Nobody else wanted those players, but just maybe he'll be able to get more out of them than anyone thought possible.