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Amir Garrett Thought This Idiot Fan Was Thirsty And Decided To Throw A Drink On Him Last Night

This is where we need Big Cat's rule where athletes should be allowed to fight 1 fan a year, because Amir Garrett would have used that rule here, and rightfully so it sounds like. Garrett was filmed tossing water on a fan after his appearance in Chicago last night but I have to say I'm on Garrett's side here. The guy was probably running his mouth, boozed up, and saying whatever he wanted. So he shouldn't have been surprised when Garrett decided to give him a bath with his water. It's a hot night, probably felt good if we're being honest. But seriously, if you're going to sit there and talk shit to a guy doing his job I think you have to realize that he may not like it, especially when he's a guy like Garrett who has been known to mix it up. He doesn't care, he took on a full team of Pirates, you think a fan is gonna do anything to him? I kind of wish the nets weren't there so Garrett could have climbed up and gone face-to-face with this guy.

Amir took to twitter to defend himself after, and I'm with him again. You've got to be a grade A loser to sit there and berate these guys for 9 innings. Because the second they do something like this, or turn around, or say something back these losers in the crowd get upset and say they were harassed. Fans are all big and tough until a little water gets on them and then they want to sue, that's weak sauce. This guy probably said some nasty things and deserved exactly what he got. He probably won't stop being an ass, but at least for one night it may have shut him up. I'm on the side of the athletes here, you can't sit there and say whatever you want to these guys and expect that they won't do anything, just because you have a ticket doesn't mean you can be an asshole. Hope this bum enjoyed his shower.