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Reminder: You're The Gigantic Asshole If You Show Up To A Game/Event While Wearing Gear Of A Team That's Not Playing

I know people like to argue about adults wearing jerseys. I don't necessarily care about that. You want to wear a jersey, go ahead. You want to wear a polo, go ahead. Frankly, I'm a big fan of soccer jerseys. Not like I get to go to Tottenham matches, but you get the point. 

However, we need to address the biggest asshole. The guy who is wearing a jersey to an event that has nothing to do with said team of jersey. In this case it's a 49ers fan showing up to Cowboys training camp. Why? I mean I know the man just wants attention so that's reason 1. But what's the fucking point of wearing a jersey of a team not involved. 

I get that you have to go to games or events where you don't cheer for any team involved. You live in a city where you aren't from/aren't a fan of the teams and go to games with friends. You have a work event. Whatever it might be, it happens. But it's simple. Wear a normal t-shirt. You don't need to show up to Cowboys camp and walk around in a Kittle jersey. 

Again, your own team? Wear whatever the fuck you want. I don't care. This is basically the one thing that bothers me about fans and clothes. Oh and this only applies to adults. Kids can do whatever the hell they want. But the moment you become aware enough to plan out an outfit, you're the asshole. 

That's my rant of the day. 

PS: This is 100% acceptable